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Love Me Harder (Love Never Fails Book 3) Epub Love Me Harder Love Never Fails Book 3 Camille Mackenzie Ls17.eu Nikki Daniels Is A Single Mom It S Apart Of Who She Is But It Doesn T Define Her For Most, That Term Might Send Them Running For The Hills It Has The Opposite Effect On Billionaire Alec Cornerstone One Night Together And He Can T Forget Her She Needs Someone Who Can Help Her Let Go Of Her Past, Shoulder Her Responsibilities And Love Her And Her Daughter Hard Two Hearts Are Up For Grabs And Alec Is Determined To Have Them Both He Only Needs Nikki To Let Go And Trust Him.

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    Good read, wishy washy heroine3.5The heroine of the story couldn t make up her mind Also, there was no need to introduce Dean into the love story when there was already a love triangle with Molly in th...

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    This was Alec and Nikki story Another great read by this author.Nikki had trust issues and tried to push Alec away at every time but he was determined to have her and never gave up.I would highly recommend his book.

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    Alec and Nikki.For a minute I could not recall who Alec was I forgot he was Sora s friend Sora and Roman, Chase and Jade being mentioned helped to refresh the storyline At times, I wanted the pace of the story to accelerate a bit, and a stronger connection between Alec and Nikki, a few times I was ...

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    A real love story 5 Stars This is Camille Mackenzie s third interracial novel,Love Me Harder Each book in this series can be read separately The story begins when Nikki best friend Sora sets her up on a date with her other best friend Alec Nikki nor Alec have and expectations going in, it is just a favor for Sora When Alex ring her bell and see her he is completely in on the other h...

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    Nicolette s a single mother newly arrived in Atlanta hoping to make a fresh start When her best friend encourages another friend Lane to show her around town, there s an instant attraction But Nicolette has deep trust issues and a dark past She s not ready to open herself up to a relationship Especially one that could hurt, not only her but her daughter However, Lane is all in There s a l...

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    Best way to end a book droughtThis story was the best in series Alec and Nikki had smokin hot chemistry out the gate.that whole instalove thing Alec s relationship with Ally was super sweet and he never faultered when he found out about her Nikki, was the classic, I must protect my heart a...

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    Truly a love story til the endAn enjoyable read not action packed like Sora and Roman s story but still had all the love Alec and Nikki were deserving of one another and I am glad she finally came to that realization We could have done without the Molly mess though Looking forward to re...

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    Amazing storyAlec was so patient and kind Nikki had a lot to overcome I don t like how the Molly issue was glazed over and many editing problems In one paragraph, Ally was described as a 4 1 2yr old and next chapter, she was described as a 3 yr old The story was amazing though, hence the 4 stars Ca...

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    GreatMinor grammatical errors but in no way did it take away from the meaning of the story etc I would read again Characters and dialogue have such a realistic quality making the flow of the book a breeze to read Was so good finished it in two days, I didn t want to put it down.

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    4.5This book was good but not great We have to learn that our past is just that.THE PAST These two never got their stories truly told just a little here and there Did not care for the fact the author couldn t remember how Ally was Waiting for EJ and Ben s story and maybe of Alec s history.

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