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Music Notes In Book 2, Attorney Merit Bridges Finds Herself In Danger Again In Music Notes Texas Lady Lawyer Vs L.A Baron When Client Liam Nolan Is Slain With His Own Guitar, Davey Ray Bell Shows Up Claiming To Be Nolan S Illegitimate Son L.A Baron, Nolan S Former Manager, Makes A Back Door Music Deal And Tries To Grab The Estate For Himself When The Probate Court Pushes Baron Out Of The Power Position, He Pursues Merit With A Vengeance Using The Dark Web, He Ruins Her Reputation, Destroys Her Career, And Finally Attempts To Take Her Life Who Will Come Out On Top Of The Scales Of Music And The Scales Of Justice

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    Good story.Familiar Austin places, music and scenes Probate case of Austin guitar player, song writer Cyber bullying, fake news created by power and money hungry people trying to take down Merit Bridges 2.5 stars.

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    Probate cases, cyber bullying, and her reputation going to hell in a handbasket That s what Austin, Texas wine drinking, fun loving lady lawyer Merit Bridges is up against in Manning Wolfe s second of her series, Music Notes.When Liam Nolan, a beloved Austin musician who is a recovering drug addict is murdered one night, Merit begins handling his estate Suddenly, Davey Ray Bell appears, claiming to be his son, making a claim on the meager estate Next thing Merit knows, L.A Baron, Liam s former manager, wants in on the action and petitions the court to take over as executor That s not the half of it Some sleazy, slimy so and so is out to destroy Merit s reputation by posting fake news about her all over social media, wreaking havoc with her clientele, her charity work, and the bar association Not only that, this person is out to get his greedy hands on Liam s estate any way he can Then there s the murder complicating things Merit and her investigator, Ag, have their hands full.As in Dollar Signs, there is enough legal jargon and procedural information for law junkies I m not one of those readers, but it wasn t mind numbing enough to put me off I did miss some of the personal aspects that the first book had, as it seemed that Betty, the office manager, had less of a presence in this book Ag, while he had a prominent role, seemed to have toned down his personal interest in Merit Bridges son Ace has matured a bit and is off at a special school for dyslexic students in Houston He makes a few cameo appearances and makes some key contributions during the course of conversations.The primary force in Music Notes is Merit Bridges herself She s smart, practical, fair minded, altruistic, and can be surprisingly witty She s also a tough, plucky fighter who will stand up for what s right When Davey, a down and out young guy comes to her, she doesn t judge him She does her due diligence, but she treats him fairly As in the debut novel, the bad guy has no redeeming features He is, as they say, bad to the bone Predictably, the he wants to win, the desperate he becomes His bad behavior becomes and despicable as time goes on How far will he go Will Merit still have a law practice by the time it s all said and done I didn t enjoy this second book quite as much as the first one, but it still had enough personality and plot to keep me entertained I wish to thank the author and Starpath Books for providing me with the opportunity to read Music Notes in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.3.5 stars

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    4.5 StarsCombining both the legal world and the music business, it s another rip roaring case for Attorney Merit Bridges and her team.Having fallen on really tough times, Liam Nolan was finally getting his life in order He d been dry and sober for a while and was looking forward to the future He had been working with Merit in getting his catalogue of music in order But someone brutally murdered Liam before he could realize his dreams and before he signed a new will.Davey Ray Bell is a young homeless man He claims he is possibly Nolan s illegitimate son and has questions about his rights to the estate And he s not the only one.Someone else wants Liam s estate and he s willing to do anything at all to get what he wants anything at all.How Merit battles against having her reputation ruined, her law degree questioned, being accused of embezzelment, and finally the death threats make this a highly suspenseful book She makes a terrific series charcter Merit is a tough, feisty attorney, with a huge sense of humor, but also a huge sense of right and wrong She s a character that jumps across the pages in larger than life form, not to be easily forgotten.This is the second in the series and although this one is easily a stand alone, I would highly recommend starting with the first book, Dollar Signs.Many thanks to the author for the digital copy of this riveting book Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.

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    First I ve read of this author It was good But a little bit too much legalese for my tastes I d give it 3.5 stars It was a good story line, was not predictable and had good characters but I just found myself skimming over some of the in depth legal stuff I received a complimentary copy from Book Reviews 4 You with no requirement for a review.

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    STORY LINE Texas lady lawyer Merit Bridges has her hands full in Music Notes She volunteers for various organizations to help the needy, supports many groups financially, and has a highly successful practice with many wealthy clients Not all her clients are wealthy as we see with Liam Nolan Once an ultra rich rock singer and songwriter, he hit bottom after too much booze, women, and drugs Seeking redemption, he contracts our lady lawyer and enters a homeless shelter as he starts putting his life back together.However, danger is stalking Liam After he is murdered, Merit finds herself in a fight for her practice, her clients, her integrity, and her life She is also trying to help Davey Ray Bell who claims to be Liam s long forgotten son She is hit from all sides as she fights a foe without any moral compass L A Barron is determined to have it all from Liam s will probate and royalties from his songs, to deals made under the table he vengefully plans to destroy our fierce lady lawyer and her firm in the process Nothing is beneath Barron, not even murder Come along for an edge of your seat story of murder and greed in this tale of good versus evil My suspense mystery book reviews follow.CHARACTERS, PLOTTING, DEVELOPMENT Manning Wolfe crafted a novel I could not put down Grabbing me from the first paragraph, I raced forward to the action packed finale Her characters are fully developed and believable The antagonist, L A Barron, is a vastly unlikeable man who allows greed and selfishness to take over his life at an early age Merit and her team are moral, upstanding, and ethical to a fault They must face the question of how far are they willing to go to counter this evil an evil determined to destroy everything they have built Adding in bits of humor and a variety of personalities gives this tale a realistic feel The reader sees the human side of lawyers rather than the greedy, dishonest lawyer facade often believed by the public you will find a legal team you would love to have as friends By the time I closed my E reader, I felt I intimately knew each member of the team.The plotting of this tale is skillful, intriguing, and kept me on the edge of my seat When I thought L A Barron could not fall any further into insane evil, he would find another avenue to torment and harass our heroine Using the dark web to infiltrate Merit s life is extremely scary and mind boggling It is frightening how damaging and believable fake news becomes once released on the web Wolfe s story should teach all of us a lesson in discernment take nothing on the internet or in print at face value.MY OPINION I found this an intriguing, suspenseful, and action packed tale with well developed characters Along with a well developed storyline and plotting which is excellent I like novels which keep me on the edge of my seat gasping and guessing what is coming next this novel fits the bill to a T Music Notes is a perfect weekend read I enjoyed my journey through the music industry, the dark web, and a law firm on the side of good.MUSIC NOTES RECOMMENDATION STARS 4I would not hesitate to buy this novel for myself or a friend.ALSO PLEASE NOTEAdditionally, I received a copy from the Bookreviews4you and the author I chose to review the novel with honest book reviews voluntarily Lastly, reviews of any novel are dependent on the author s opinion Consequently, all book reviews online and on my blog, are my opinions.

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    Music Notes is Manning Wolfe s second installation in the Texas Lady Lawyer series It s a fast paced, intense thriller with an eclectic cast, one of those stories that will keep you up so late at night you ll need extra coffee in the morning Merit Bridges, the perky but powerful protagonist and her quirky team of paralegals find themselves, yet again, in opposition to a deliciously delusional villain intent on their demise When the rehabilitated rock guitar hero, Liam Nolan, is brutally murdered with his own guitar, Merit is not only responsible for his estate but feels morally obligated to help solve the crime Enter Davey Ray Bell who claims to be Liam s love child Though Davey seems lost and alone there may be some validity to his claim Meanwhile, Liam s former manager, L A Baron, hopes to grab all the glory and the cash When he fails to convince the legal authorities of his claim to the riches, he uses his vast resources to attempt to destroy Merit s career and reputation.The writing is very visual and personal Wolfe s characters are complex and for the most part driven by than just material gain Though the story is definitely dark, it s handled with a quirky humor and panache that brings this storyteller to the pinnacle of legal thriller authors As an extra bonus, it s set in Austin Texas where the old hippie culture still clashes with the techno boom of the early 21st century Wolfe s Texas Lady Lawyer stories scream to be made into a Showtime summer miniseries featuring Reese Witherspoon and her ponytail as the protagonist Check your local listings, but as always read the book first.

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    First off, I d like to say that I appreciated that while fiction, this book did have some facts about Austin, Tx included, which added to the story for me I m a native Texan, who visits Austin often, and knows the other places referenced as well I liked that it felt like the story could be real, just because I knew these places are real As for the story itself, I enjoyed it a lot The characters were interesting, the plot was good, and the hunt to figure out who did it was a good one that had me guessing than once I can see where there is an opening to spin off a few characters, and hopefully that will happen in the future This wasn t a super long book to read, only took me a couple of days of off and on reading to complete I would say that this would be interesting for anyone who likes suspense, mysteries, a bit of drama, and murder. it s appropriate for older teens, like age 15 and up I was given an advanced copy by BR4U with no obligation to write a review.

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    Manning Wolfe pulled it off again Her love of the law and legal expertise shine through in her latest novel Music Notes Mystery, music, money and murder mix it up like a classic song on the streets of Austin , Texas Merrit Bridges comes out swinging just like her blonde pony tail She is up against a powerful opponent both in the boxing ring and out Determined to carry out the wishes of her client Merrit is willing to win no matter the cost or is she The twist and turns on the music filled streets of Austin will keep you turning the pages Who is watching and listening to her every move Is Ace, her son, safe Where did these pictures come from showing up on social media Who can she trust

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    A legal thriller with action adventure overtones Lawyer Merit Bridges faces off against some pretty intense and unwell people Psychotic killers and untreated folks with mental disorders seem to abound around her Hackers and snoops with mad skills, nasty and nice politicians a garden variety tour of redneck south with a few crazy west coast imports I read an advance copy of the book I found Merit, Ag, severa Staffers and victims quite compelling I didn t enjoy a few sections where it was a bit too technically legalease filled An exciting thriller, except for the characters who were everyday people, and nice normal psycho killers.

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    I always heard that being int he music business was cut throat, but my word This story shows the reader what lengths some people will go to get what they think belongs to them, legally and money wise It is an exceptional story that will have you cheering for Merit Bridges and hoping she makes it out alive I voluntarily reviewed this book because I loved Dollar Signs so much The review is my own opinion.

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