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All the Ordinary Pictures and Other Stories Have You Ever Seen What Happens To A House Plant Left Out In The Wintery Cold It Suffers What I Can Only Imagine Is An Agonizing, Belittling Death First The Leaves Slacken Then Wither While All The Stems Shrivel Then The Plant Browns, Sags Completely, Before Turning Utterly Black Like A Plague Corpse That S What I Felt Like When I Understood My Father Shot The Photo Of The Girl On The Cover Of Gentlemen Club, Shot All The Photos Of All The Girls In Those Magazines Sitting Above My Head All Those Years I Didn T Even Have To Look At The Rest To Know That Much The Years, Angles, And Numbers Added Up My Father Was A PornographerIn This Blending Of Light And Dark Genres, Scott Rhuin Assembles A Breakout Collection Of Fiction That Courses Through The Lives Of Subtle Yet Indelible Characters Meeting Extraordinary Circumstances, Like Teenager Sam Lewiston, Who, In The Title Story All The Ordinary Pictures, Mistakenly Discovers Her Father S True Profession Is That Of An Erotic Photographer And Not The Local Photojournalist She Always Admired The Discovery Sends Sam Into A Tailspin Of Distrust And Heartache That Lasts A Decade Before She Meets A Color Blind Artist Who Shows Her Just How Bright Trust Can BeWith Striking Plots And Daring Imagination, All The Ordinary Pictures And Other Stories Brings Readers Into The Tangled Hearts And Tested Relationships Of Broken People Trying For New Beginningsand Sometimes Failing They Are The Stories Of Ordinary People Navigating The Extraordinary Instances Of Love, Death, Regret, Murder, Redemption, And Hope Mostly Hope

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    A time capsule of arresting stories ATOPOT begins with a disclaimer stating that the stories in its collection were written over a period of a couple decades at least, which is why certain characters in certain predicaments don t pull out an iPhone to make their predicament go away But what that quick warning leaves unsaid turns out to be one of the book s best surprise features its nebulous sense of timelessness The stories here have a deliberate sense of time and place, but the setting in which a story is set and the setting during which the author sat down and first wrote it and rewrote it, perhaps several years and homes and other life changing events later, before giving it one last layer of polish in 2017 are different things entirely Each play a part, and speculating whether the author s hand in a given story originates in the recent past or 20 years prior or a very amalgamation of the two that developed over time is often as much fun as getting to know the characters and the predicaments in which they find themselves.

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