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India Remembered: A Personal Account of the Mountbattens During the Transfer of Power Read India Remembered A Personal Account Of The Mountbattens During The Transfer Of Power By Lady Pamela Hicks Wgf2011.eu In March 1947, Lord Louis Mountbatten Became The Last Viceroy Of India, With The Mandate To Hand Over The Jewel In The Crown Of The British Empire Within One Year Mountbatten Worked With Jawaharlal Nehru, Mohandas Gandhi And The Leader Of The Muslim League, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, To Devise A Plan For Partitioning The Empire Into Two Independent Sovereign States, India And Pakistan, On August 15, 1947 Mountbatten Remained As Interim Governor General Of India Until June 1948 During This Time, Lord Mountbatten S Daughter And India S Mother, Pamela, Was With Her Parents She Kept A Diary Recounting This Extraordinary Tale Of History And Recollections Of Their Trips To Stay In Calcutta, Bombay, Madras, Orissa And Assam, And The Exotic Palaces Of Indian Rulers And The Rajputs In Central And Western India, The Imperial Palace Cities Built By The Mughals India Revisited Is A Scrapbook Of Private Family Photographs Taken During This Historical Period Edwina Mountbatten Walking Arm In Arm With Nehru Through A Courtyard, Or Ghandi Taking Tea For The First Time At Viceroys House And Photographs Taken Presently Inside Their Audience Halls, Private Apartments And Service Quarters There Will Be Anecdotes From Pamela Mountbatten S Diaries, Reminiscences Of Having To Leave 10 Minutes Before Dinner Was Actually Announced As The Walk From The Bedroom To The Dining Hall Was So Far If Running Really Late, Riding A Bicycle Through The Corridors To Make Time It Includes Photographs Evoking The Atmosphere Of The Mountbatten S Favourite Retreat, That Of Viceregal Lodge In Simla.

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    This book, loaded with wonderful pictures and quotations from diaries,hers and her fathers, is an interesting picture of an important time in world history the start of the break down of the English Empire It really hit home with me as Hank and I were in India when Lord Mountbatten was appointed to guide India to Independence We frequently went to New Delhi, as my parents lived there, and we would see one or the other, or all of them at various functions in New Delhi They were not at all alo...

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    Most of this is quite familiar if one has read the author s biographical account in Daughter of Empire My Life as a Mountbatten.Up to one third of this book is almost verbatim in that one, with few differences, and latter part too is familiar from having read that, albeit being a bit detailed here The main charm here is entries from diaries verbatim, although it doesn t mean one is reading entire diaries of course, and even so, photographs of various towering characters of that era, not seen often elsewhere There are some nice ones of Jawaharlal Nehru, of course, and a couple deserve mention one of him pensive, and another where he is at tea with the author s mother Edwina Mountbatten with his daughter and her presumably elder son, thus one looking at three future prime ministers of India amongst the four figurers seen Indira here looks very young, shy, smiling, and beautiful than most professional beauties of the time even without any make up or any expensive attire or decorations Pamela Mountbatten s account is valua...

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    More a scrapbook than a memoir if it s

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    i loved this book I learned from reading it, a lot of things I never new about India that is was not a united country before the british left for example It inspired my imagination so much It is one of my des...

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    Well narrated and has some good photographs.

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    i want to know the reality and fact about partition of India and i think that this book will help me

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    First person, indelible histortFrom her unique vantage point, Pamela Mountbatten clarifies her role in the partition and independence of the jewel in her cousin s crown.

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    VERY disappointing..

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