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魔王城でおやすみ 4 A Captured Princess Just Wants A Good Night S Sleep Shhh Imprisoned In The Castle Of The Demon King, All Spoiled Sweet Princess Syalis Dreams Of Is A Good Night S Sleep ShhhValentine S Day Arrives And Princess Syalis Is Hard Put To Get The Haul Of Chocolate She S Accustomed To Receiving Back Home In Her Kingdom Her Latest Plots To Get A Better Night S Rest Include Learning To Hibernate, Becoming A Ghost And Getting An Annoying Earworm Out Of Her Head And How Can She Put A Stop To The Teddy Demons Summoning Her Every Time They Get Into A Kerfuffle Then The Princess Gets Kidnapped From Her Kidnappers

10 thoughts on “魔王城でおやすみ 4

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    Another adorably adventurous installment of Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle I always love the thought that goes into the different creatures and this world s lore Not only are the designs cute, the character s personalities are immensely li...

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    This was funny, with nice art I like Syalis I wish would happen with the overall plot though It s entertaining, but feels a tad bit repetitive, which is slightly annoying as I m buying these 3.5 stars.

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    This volume was much better than the last one I felt it wasn t just a bunch of episodes of the princess trying to sleep, but rather they went back to including concerns about the hero coming to rescue the princess The graphics also seemed somehow a little less cluttered also I would love the Demon King to be included , I felt as if in Volume One or Two I can t remember...

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    Another demon king fares no better than the first against the crafty princess Will they all come together to face the hero in the end Will the hero even make it that far

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