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魔王城でおやすみ 2 Read 2 Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk A Captured Princess Just Wants A Good Night S Sleep Imprisoned In The Castle Of The Demon King, All That Spoiled Sweet Princess Syalis Dreams Of Is A Good Night S Sleep Shhh While Waiting To Be Rescued, Princess Syalis Makes Herself At Home By Commandeering A Bathtub, Befriending A Girl Demon And Participating In A Castle Fitness Challenge Her Plots To Get Some Shut Eye Include Stealing Ice From Frost Demons To Cool Off On A Hot Summer Night, Attempting To Make Her Own DIY Waterbed, Toying With Magic Spells And Provoking An Enchanted Flower Into Releasing A Soporific And Then The Nightmares Begin

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    I love these books Kind of pricey, but ridiculously entertaining 5 stars.

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    Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle, Vol 2 continues to be one of the silliest and heart crushingly adorable stories that I ve read in a long time Kumanomata knows exactly how to keep the reader s attention The story is laid out in highly entertaining, short episodic chapters that are stupidly fun easy to read Everything, from the character designs to the backg...

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    Still very amusing, but the joke wears a bit thin Each episode basically has the same story in which the kidnapped princess in the Demon Castle tries to fall asleep or has some problem related to sleep, and she ca...

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    Still delightfully absurd and I love the stylistic references to a long lineage of RPGs, video games, and Table Tops I want a pile of Teddy Demons to make a bed of their brushed fur It looks amazingly comfortable Spoil...

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    I just love this manga series I always go to this series if I need a laugh This volume was just as good as the first, and I highly recommend it to readers with short attention spans who are looking for a lighthearted read.

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    I still think this is fun and adorable but there is no main plot or end in sight I can definitely see myself coming back to this when I need a dose of lighthearted fun

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    This series is really cute and funny Its not going to be anything emotionally deep, but it sure is silly and fun

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    Very episodic

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