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iPagan Download IPagan By Trevor Greenfield Bystricepodhostynem.eu With Fifty Nine Contributions From Over Forty Authors, IPagan Is An Anthology That Covers Druidry, Shamanism, Witchcraft, Goddess Spirituality And A Range Of Contemporary Issues That Affect Pagans Across The Globe The Book Is An Ideal Introduction To The Writing Of Each Of The Authors As Well As An Essential Primer For Anyone Interested In Modern Paganism And For Those Wishing To Engage In Current Pagan Thinking.

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    I totally fell in love with this book, will be rereading this, for certain I loved the miltidimentionality of this book Druidism, Paganism, Witchcraft, Shamanism Various authors address approaches to meditation, dreaming and praying, living and prospering in body and mind, inspiration and progress, spirits and action, transcendence, self awareness and worldly concerns Even the quirky concepts of Spitirit Spouses is reviewed History marries myth and issues the changed spiritual perspectives Q As a Neo Pagan Druid myself, I first experienced Paganism, as a child, through the mythology of the Greeks, Romans, Vikings, Egyptians and Celts I did not choose to become a Pagan until I was already an adult being free to explore a number of different religions over time Eventually I settled on Celtic Polytheism, not because I was born into it, but simply because it suits my beliefs c Q Just as every dandelion leaf is unique, the face of the gods is unique to each and every one of us Perhaps it is not the divine that has changed at all, it is us, humanity that has undergone immense changes over thousands of years As we change so does our ability to see, feel and understand what the divine actually is and what our relationship with the Creation is, or should be c Q some int...

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    This is absolutely not an introduction to modern Paganism, and it really needed some additional editorial work It s a bit of a sandbox, a veritable jungle gym of anecdotal, philosophical, historical, and experiential essays laid open for a reader s exploration and play Unfortunately, the quality of the equipment in this playground varies wildly there are creaking, loose jointed articles in here than strong ones, there are probably swings than a single park needs, and my metaphor is getting out of hand now, so I ll move on to some substance This text really, really needed an introduction by the editor I needed a signpost, an indication of the overall goal or purpose of this text Is this an introductory text, or as Moon Books puts it, an essential primer to modern Paganism I would argue that if this is the goal of the text, this goal has not been achieved This collection also would have been vastly improved by a brief introductory paragraph to each article by the editor, outlining who this contributor is, what they call their practice, and the purpose or source of the article Without these introductions, thi...

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    Interesting scope, mixed quality contributionsThis is a collection of short essays, both original or relating to some of the authors work published elsewhere It s a reasonable way to get a feel for a cross section of approaches or experiences with a few main types of pagan spirituality, from shamanism to druidery to goddess focused beliefs While most chapters are well written and argued, this is not the case for all In particular, a chapter on reforestation makes the argument that all deserts are man made throughout history This is a gross misrepresentation of the loss of historic forest in some regions over Millenia due to shifts in climate, directly related to shifts in latitude The chapter focuses initially on Australian loss of vegetation in the red centre and blames it on indigenous fire based land practices This fails to recognise the mosaic of approaches used by indigenous Australians through time, but worse, aligns correlated events of settlement and non linked geographic changes that resulted in lower rainfall and chooses to blame anthropogenic effects only It s very very poor science, and I would genuinely hope druids make an effort t...

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    Have to agree with some of the other reviewers Rather than an introduction primer, it s a collection of disjointed excerpts and articles which vary in quality I m sure it d be of some use to those who might be quote mining, but I didn t enjoy it much.

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    Excellent review of the state of the art in paganism but I m biased because I wrote something for it.

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    An informative anthology of essays, with a breadth of topics.

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    Very good insight into a pagan lifestyleAs somebody new to paganism I was looking for a book that showed many views to help shape my views and it certainly done that.

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