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Witness Protection Witness Protection Download Author Jet MacLeod Thomashillier.co.uk Delia Montgomery Has Work For The Government For Years She S Done Everything That They Ve Asked Of Her And Now, She Wants To Retire But, She Knows That In Her Line Of Work, It Isn T Easy To Do That Angela March Is In Witness Protection For Doing Her Job As A City DA In NYC Her Only Problem Is That She Doesn T Want To Hide And She Is Notorious For Ditching Her Protection She Has Become A Thorn In The Government S Side So, The Government Has Given Del An Option She Keeps Angela Alive And She Can Retire All She Has To Do Is Make Sure That Angela Gets To The Court House On Time Del Wonders Who She Can Trust Angela Finally Realizes What It Means To Be On The Run.

10 thoughts on “Witness Protection

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    I get so frustrated when I read books like this It desperately needs to be tweaked by content and copy editors It s a great story, but shit, it s hard to get through the typos and the repetition The main characters are fantastic and it s a shame this book doesn t meet expectations.

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    I really wanted to like this book The plot had so much potential but it is in serious need of editing There were too many spelling and grammatical errors to keep track of and the continuity and flow made the book almost unreadable I think this would be a good book if a lot of editing is done.

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    Got to 85% and could do no the spelling the lack of flow killed this book.please get a editor and revise this book

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    You know, this book had some really good points For example, the author definitely knew a lot about weapons and how to portray a character who is competent and holds a military bearing Also, I believe the progression of the relationship between the two was, for the most part, enjoyable to watch I felt there was a bit too much sex, but that s not necessarily wrong It just wasn t my preference Although, I still can t understand why she was so unwilling to move to New York, considering Angie was willing to move wherever for her I certainly understand she had some issues and wanted her peace anyway, that s besides the point All in all, The book was pretty good I suppose my major complaint was that there wasn t enough action for my liking We had this badass assassin, and while we got a little bit of a taste of what she could do, I guess I would ve wanted However, if you want a book that has a bit of infiltration and action, but focuses on the development of...

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    Hard to finishI should have paid closer attention to the reviews I picked this book because I don t like how so many lesbian novels are under 300 pages, two pages in I really regretted my decision Too many mistakes to be able to get into the story Calling people by the wrong name The tough main character doesn t want to talk about her feelings,then won t shut up about them The main action scene wouldn t have been ...

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    I got to 85% and had to stop I desperately wanted to finish it but I physically cannot make myself It started so good and so strong I loved the characters and the progression but it got stale towards the end I simply lost interest There is also a little too much sex for my taste Don t get me wrong, I love a steamy moment but I prefer the story The typos and lack of editing was pretty frustrating but I was able to see past it The only thing that really confused me was the fa...

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    ConfusedI actually liked this book but I was very confused when I got to the end and read that the author has a degree in English This needed a good editor The writing seemed stilted at time The speech didn t flow and there was way too much sex I prefer a little discretion Not sure if I ...

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    I didn t make it through.I tried I hit my limit at 67% I really like the idea of this story its just so long and drawn out I was aware of the poor editing when I started but that even became annoying I tried making that fun by highlighting the mistakes but I still lost interest.

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    Great bookI really enjoyed reading this book It was a long book but I felt it could have been even longer because the ending felt a bit rushed There are places where it is obvious the editing missed things Sometimes Del is called Liv in sex scenes just fyi.

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    GoodGreat story A lot of time jumps that left me wondering bout the time line Needs a proof reader Changed the caracters name mid story, could not tell if it was mistake or part of the story

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