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Time Capsule PDF Epub Time Capsule Author Donald R Gallo Oknalubliniec.eu Teenagers Who Have Entered This New Millennium With Visions Of What Their Lives Will Be Like In Years To Come Will Be Intrigued By These 10 Imaginative Stories Collected And Edited By Author And Editor Donald R Gallo Award Winning Authors Explore A Different Decade Of The 20th Century Through The Eyes Of Teens With Concerns And Emotions Similar To Those Of Young Adults Today Gallo S Introduction To Each Piece Will Give Readers A Sense Of The Many Technological Advances, As Well As The Political And Cultural Changes, That Came With Each New Decade And Story How Did Young Adults Cope With So Much Change, So Many Opportunities The Stories Will Inspire Teenagers As They Experience Changes In Their Own Daily Lives.

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    Thoroughly enjoyed this jaunt through history One short story for each decade from 1900 2000 Starting with the St Louis Worlds s Fair in 1904 and ending with a Y2K chatroom in the 1990 s these short stories capture a moment in time and are interesting and not at all boring Writ...

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    T his is a good book full of short stories Some areinteresting than others, but they all are good to some degree.

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    Some of the stories seemed a little contrived to fit the collection, but most of them were well done.

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    Kinda weird The individual stories were good, but they didn t really make sense together I didn t get why that book was written It was weird.

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