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Highlander's Captive (Highlander Heat, #0.5) His Mission Is To Capture Hers Is To Turn The Tide.Twenty Two Year Old Julia MacLeod Discovers A Secret Tunnel Leading From Dunvegan Castle, The Stronghold Of Her MacLeod Clan Her Chief Would Never Allow Her To Leave Without A Guard During This Time Of War, But Up For An Adventure, She Scurries Along The Dank Passageway And Through A Maze Of Twists And Turns.Highland Warrior Ivor MacDonald Is On A Solitary Mission To Secure A Bargaining Chip Against His Chief S Rival Clan While Scouting The Cliffs Near Dunvegan Castle For A Way In, A Lone Woman Topples From The Cliffs And Into The Frigid Waters Of The Ocean Honor Demands He Rescue Her, Even Though It Might Bring His Mission Into Jeopardy Then He Discovers She S The Chief S Cousin, And His Bargaining Chip Has Just Fallen Right Into His Hands.Ivor Steals His Captive Away, And On A Journey Across The Ocean, His Mission Soon Takes A Turn Julia S Trust In Him Sees His Honor Battling To Override His Need For Revenge Has His Captive Now Turned The Tide, And Became The Captor Instead A Historical Highlander RomanceNovella Highlander S CaptiveBook 1 Highlander S CastleBook 2 Highlander S MagicBook 3 Highlander S CharmBook 4 Highlander S GuardianBook 5 Highlander S FaerieBook 6 Highlander S Champion

  • ebook
  • 46 pages
  • Highlander's Captive (Highlander Heat, #0.5)
  • Joanne Wadsworth
  • English
  • 12 May 2017

About the Author: Joanne Wadsworth

Joanne Wadsworth is a NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Bestselling Author who adores getting lost in the world of romance, no matter what era in time that might be Hot alpha Highlanders hound her, demanding their stories are told and she s devoted to ensuring they meet their match, whether that be with a feisty lass from the present or far in the past.Living on a tiny island at the bottom of the worl

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    This Novella was wonderful and I love how it explains the ongoing clan feud between The MacLeods and The MacDonald s and the connection to Dunvegan Castle I personally feel the reader should know and understand the background for future full length novels in this series, so this is an excellent introduction.This story is about visiting and adventuring cousin,the beautiful Julia MacLeod Julia, who wants a taste of freedom while visiting as her overprotective and loving Father leaves her in their care Julia wants a taste of freedom feeling it s one of the few chances she will get, so without chaperone or guard she and cousin Margaret discover a secret passageway of many twists and turns and go exploring The problem is Julia being set on adventure and careless of the dangers slips and falls into the deep icy cold ocean many many feet below.The hero is this story is braw highlander Ivor MacDonald, whom set on a scouting mission to find a way or weakness to break into the defenses and a way into Dunvegan Castle Then he suddenly watches the lassie fall in the freezing water with and just as Julia is about to drown he saves her Now Ivor sees this as a gift after learning who s she is thinks is now the bargaining chip he needs Yet as he sets her in his boat they both yet to realize this is the ride to change both of their lives and destinies and fate Highlander s Captive was an excellent novella as you could feel the attraction and sparks between Julia and Ivor it positively sizz...

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    Loved this novella and can t wait to read the complete next book

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    Highlander Heat novella I really enjoyed this short novella, Highlander s captive, written by Joanne Wadsworth This is my first read by this author and I had fun reading Julia MacLeod and Ivor MacDonald...

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    And the crazy reenactments of Scottish romance continues This sucked My Immortal, the infamous and totally terrible fanfiction written by Tara Gilesbie, is less cringy than this More entertaining, too It was very rushed and the plot line was not well thought out Plus, the two main characters are complete idiots Why would you tell them your real name Why did Julia just act okay with it and not run away And, Ivor is terrible as a person None of the characters act like real people and the accents were abysmal We ended up giving Ivor a thick Southern accent because he didn t even sound Scottish Really Are you even trying, Joanne Also, can someone fire her editor I...

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    A small escapade turns into a near death experience, and a rescue However, there s to this short story, but I hate to spoil a good yarn.A hot romance, that I believe most will enjoy.

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    I loved Highlander s Captive Highlander s Captive is a great novella about a young lass named Julia who is looking for some adventure in her life She convinces her cousin to go to the secret passageway to find out where it leads, what Julia doesn t know is that it just might lead her to her destiny Ivor is a strong, sexy highlander nothing else needs said right He is scouting on MacLeod land when he sees someone fall from the cliffs He rescues the lass only to find out that he will not be able to take her as his captive as he planed This is a sweet novella that explores the feud between the MacLeod and MacDonald clans I read the first full length book, Highlander s Castle first and I thought this novella filled in some of the blanks from the first full length book I recomm...

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    This novella tells the story of Julia MacLeod and Ivor MacDonald from feuding Highland clans Julia snuck out of her castle through an underground passage and literally fell into Ivor s arms when she tumbled from the cliff into the water and he saved her He saved away with her but had to stop when his boat sprung a leak on a beach at the edge of MacLeod land It was enough time for them to fall in love and they decided to go back and confront her brother who immediately wanted to kill Ivor After pleading from Julia however, terms were arranged and they were allowed to marry against the wishes of her family I felt that a lot of the love story part of the novella was rushed but the novella did adequately describe the hatred betwee...

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    Author, Joanne Wadsworth gives us a fantastic glimpse into her Highlander Heat series with this short novella, Highlander s Captive There s danger, romance, and yes, heat in the sizzling love scenes between Julia and Ivor, who are members of warring clans Ivor is not only brave and HOT, but sooooo honorable, any heroine would melt in his arms The ...

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    I actually liked this book It was a short novella and was done quite well She was able to make it an adventure and romance without making you feel rushed You liked Ivor and Julia, they work well as a couple and believable Julia falls into the water and is unable to swim to the top, Ivor happens to ...

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    This novella was very good Captured me right from the start I wonder if it was her dress that made her sink down so fast at the begin of the novella It must have been as she Julia sank just like a rock Iv...

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